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Our product is the fruit of true sentiment and care towards everyone in the world.

Hand & Hand stands out among sanitizers as it is made with premium ingredients that were designed to match your everyday cleanliness needs.

Made for your Well-being

Hand & Hand sanitizer surpasses your average cleanliness product – it was made to give your hands the royal treatment. Enchanting scents, a smooth feel, and optimal germ removal are all guaranteed.

Our product was made with vitamins, rich extracts and aloe vera gel to nourish your hands and leave them silky smooth with each application.

Created by a Stickler for Cleanliness

Ahmad Itani set out to create a superior product that accentuates his favorite fragrances without compromising on hygiene.

The result was Hand & Hand, a sanitizer that is meticulously created to uplift an everyday product to a level of indulgent perfection.

Made Because We Care

Care is at the heart of all we do, and our partnership with Dubai Cares is an extension of our mission to ensure a better life.

Dubai Cares’ programs focus on early childhood development, access to quality primary and secondary education, technical and vocational education, and training for youth.

A percentage of the proceeds from every sale will go towards assisting Dubai Cares make the world a better place.

Your Everyday Lifestyle Product

With the changes the world has undergone, sanitizers have become a necessity for people worldwide. We will help you tackle the ever-changing challenges of everyday life by keeping your hands fresh, clean and nourished.

Hand & Hand wasn’t made to capitalize on the cleanliness trend; it enhances and empowers those who prioritize hygiene above all else.